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Smart City Solutions

  • Unmanned bank profile

    Weirong bank is to solve the "last mile" problem of community financial services, and effectively reduce the operating costs of commercial banks and improve bank efficiency. Self-service bank equipment based on network interaction and mobile financial service system will further improve the financial service level of banks.

  • Features

    Victoria melt unmanned banking program is set people's life, finance, leisure, entertainment, shopping as one of the scenes, which uses high-tech biometric authentication of identity, will no longer be limited to the traditional bank card, fold Other media. Can achieve cashless card, brush face, vein and other innovative payment capabilities. Taking advantage of the portability of smart phones in mobile phones, the service limitation of time and space is crossed to realize the favorable combination of life service and financial products. 


    corporate vision

    Weirong Bank's self-service banking equipment based on network interaction and mobile financial service system will further improve the financial service level of banks and effectively reduce the operating costs of banks and increase the bank's profitability. Wei Rong developed a complete set of bank equipment used in unmanned banking, including cash-based equipment are: ATM, CRS, VTM, paper, coin exchange machines, multimedia payment terminal intelligent financial terminal equipment. Using cross-platform system software, automatic acquisition system, intelligent analysis platform, intelligent management and control of new technology applications. Through big data analysis, we can achieve accurate marketing, enhance customer experience, enrich customer panorama view, tap customer's existing demand, create new customer demand, enhance customer value creation ability, optimize operation flow and improve bank management level.
    Weirong bank is to realize the unmanned management of community banks. The key to realizing this mode lies in the overall solution of the basic financial equipment of community bank outlets, and the effort to build a development ecosystem of community financial self-service.

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